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This site was created to be a easy to use management system for SAR teams. Made by SAR people for SAR people. The end goal is to give SAR teams everything they need to manage their team and communicate both with their members and other groups. We use API's from,, twillio to provide a feature rich system without compromises. Want to see a feature added? Contact us.

This site is currently being made fine tuned to the needs of my current SAR teams, but I am always open to suggestions. The end goal is a platform that works for all SAR teams around the country, of every discipline. If you wish to start using the site for your team (and help us beta test) please let us know.

Current Abilities:

Event management:
  • Calander System - ICS files, reminders, emails, text messages etc
  • Weather forecasts for event locations/times
  • Automatic geocoding - convert address to gps coordinates (Decimal, degrees, utm) and vice versa.
  • Driving directions for events from users home address, available on event as well as via SMS
  • Maps - 1 click access to event location maps from Google, Bing, SarTopo, Netional Geographic
  • Event Talies - on the day of the events, board members get a tally of who is attending
  • Text message event reminders/invites, members can just reply to the text instead of logging in.
Member Management:
  • Member management system built into everything
  • Team Profiles - personal info follows the member through every group they belong to
  • Contact Preferences - Members decide how your team contacts you (text messages, emails, site only)
  • Easily add and remove members, update their titles
  • Tasks list - assign tasks to team mates, with completion dates
Information Management:
  • Group Files - Simple document management
  • User Files - Simple document sharing with users and groups
  • Team to Team File Sharing
  • Article authoring - Can publish to site or just your team
  • Asset Management system
  • Group Links - Repository for useful links for your team
  • Treasurer utilities - Keep track of spending/donations

Training & Log Management:
  • Training requirements
  • Certifications
  • Essential gear
  • Expiration tracking

Communication System:
  • Confirm calender events via text, email, or web site
  • Get driving directions with a single text message
  • Send broadcasts to entire group through a single text message
  • Group Email - Broadcast a message to your team
  • Group Vote - Have your team vote on topics. Supports open ended votes as well as predefined answers.
  • Sar Classifieds - Sell your old gear, or buy some new gear. ONLY sar members will see these ads.

Planned Abilities:
  • Mission Call Out. Your call out coordinator gets the page, decides what gear/terrain/etc is needed, fills out the form and sends it to everyone
  • Training & Mission logs
  • GPS track uploads and renders
  • Message boards
  • Team to team communication
  • APRS-IS integration
  • K9/Equestrian logs - Vet records, service records,etc.